Monday, July 09, 2007

Devils sign Dainius Zubrus to 6-year contract

Dainius Zubrus signed a 6-year contract with the New Jersey Devils and while the Devils aren’t throwing the world at him I don’t like this contract. One it is 6-years and two I would spend my money (3.4 million) on a better player and while details on contract have yet to be disclosed here’s why I dislike Zubrus.

The most amount of points Zubrus has ever gotten in a season is 60 points and with the Devils playing defensive style hockey I don’t expect that to improve. The most goals he has ever scored in a season is 24 and he is supposed to be the power forward type but ultimately he struggles in my opinion. I always thought Montreal was so incredibly stupid for trading Recchi for this guy as he was slow, wasn’t much of a grinder and had limited skills. With Buffalo a very high scoring team with 8 points in 19 games that doesn’t bode well with that I think of him. He had 57 and 60 point seasons in his last two years but I don’t see an improvement because he played with Ovechkin who would inflate his points. Washington is not winning style teams so don’t expect good defensive play and this will likely up being a terrible sign since it is until he is 35 and I expect to see him decline. At 3.4 million a year New Jersey will probably regret it especially because they have a lot of cap space tied into key players and recently lost one of their best in Brian Rafalski.

Zubrus can prove me wrong but there is nothing that makes me believe so. Even in the Russian Super League (lock out year) he only amassed 8 goals in 42 games and only 11 assists just terrible.


caitlin said...

The reason why teams like Montreal and Washington and Buffalo keep picking him up is because he's a play maker. He's the unsung hero. Ovechkin himself has commented on how dynamic a player Zubrus is. He might not be scoring the points on a regualr basis, especially playing with Ovechkin and Semin, but he pulls through at the crucial points... like his last season playing for the caps, in triple overtime against the Thrashers makes a brilliant play and hits the five hole and won the game. One of many examples. It may be your world, and not mine, but i think some of your assumptions are a little unwarranted. After all, wouldn't it be foolish to think that an established team like the New Jersey Devils would sign some random mediocre player for 6 years just for the hell of it?

Allan said...

He was always an underachiever especially on the good. I know he's a great playmaker but he always succeeded on poor teams. I think he is a mediocre player one with a ton of skill that just doesn't put it together enough to be that star. People rave at how Alex Steen is skilled and he is but it's not like he lights up the lamp. When you have guys like Ovechkin (and hell even Semin) your stats get inflated.